• Welcome to English4U

    Welcome to English4U

    We have made a number of changes especially the picnic

  • Experiences the joy of being together

    Experiences the joy of being together

    At English4U, we provide opportunities to our members to apply what they have learned

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    Share the experiences

    Because we enjoyed the experiences, we thought we could share it with you

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ENGLISH 4 U is a registered March 9, 2010 2010/058/PDBA/SG/SAG/DASCS non-profit organization created for change through improving the lives of children and communities in Benin. Its principal objective is to promote English in Parakou, in particular and throughout Benin in general. ENGLISH 4 U was conceived and founded by Roger Fassinou, a beninese dedicated to a vision of Benin as it can and should be.

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After several English broadcasting from 2007 to 2009, Roger felt the need to be involved with helping beninese children gaining the chance to learn English and reshape their personality. He began ENGLISH 4 U in 2010. Since then, we have implemented numerous programs serving children, orphans, and adults in need and promoting human rights, civil society and free speech in Parakou, Benin.

ENGLISH 4 U provides:

  1. School supplies, books, musical instruments, and athletic equipment for children orphans and other disadvantaged youth
  2. Job training, workshops, seminars on human rights, and career counseling for adult widows and single mothers, as well as Benin youth
  3. An outlet for Beninese women and teens to share their experiences of English in a creative, and funny way
  4. Support for the basic needs of orphans
  5. A forum for Benin and American students to learn about each others’ cultures in a pen pal program
  6. The opportunity for children to foster their personal development

​All of this is possible through the financial and material contributions of our donors, and their efforts to tell friends and family about our projects. An intensely profound impact occurs in those we support through the knowledge that they are valued, respected, and cared for. The impact that has on a child’s sense of personal worth and dignity is immeasurable. The positive opportunities given to the children of Benin have a long-term international impact as well, in that education and care have a positive correlation with decreases in terrorism.